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Note: the Helios qmail project is currently unmaintained, what means it may contain unpatched bugs and security holes. You won't also receive any support from past project developers.

Developers needed! If you would like to continue the Helios qmail project, please contact Pawel Foremski


Helios qmail is an advanced and feature-rich distribution of qmail based on qmail-sql project. It has been designed to make builiding reliable, efficient and top-integrated qmail systems easy.

qmail is a secure, reliable, efficient, simple message transfer agent (MTA) written by D. J. Bernstein. For more information on qmail see qmail.org site.

qmail-sql project by Michael Devogelaere aims to add MySQL, PostgreSQL and ODBC database functionality to qmail for:

For more information on qmail-sql see it`s home page.

For Helios qmail features see Helios qmail manual.

Helios qmail is licensed on GNU GPL, but because it comes with qmail source code bundled, which is not licensed on GPL, you cannot make binary packages of it. See file called COPYING in Helios qmail package for details.

The original author of Helios qmail is Pawel Foremski. It was also maintained and developed by Christian Löschenkohl.



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